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New Sermon Series: Oikonomics
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OK, we know about “economics,” but what is “oikonomics?” Actually, it’s a combination of the ancient Greek word “oikos” or “family” and “economics,” which has to do with how we invest, exchange, and grow the various kinds of capital we possess. Jesus set up a new oikos when he called his disciples to follow him and then proceeded to teach them to invest in what really matters. In fact, life really boils down to ve types of capital in which we invest: spiritual, relational, physical, intellectual, and nancial. How we prioritize and organize that investment has a lot to do with how we will live our lives as disciples of Jesus or “a family on mission.”


Join us on October 1 as we begin this exciting new series in which Pastor Bob Kaylor will invite us to consider how we’re investing in each of these “capitals” both individually and as a church. You’ll have a chance each week to consider your investment in each and we’ll give you some talking points to discuss as a family. When our oikononmics are 1 in order, we can then become the family Jesus invites us to be!

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