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Re-form: Discovering the Once and Future Church

reformOn October 31, 2017, the world marked the 500th anniversary of the Protestant Reformation. The 500 years since the Reformation have been marked by massive changes in our world, in western culture, and in the church. Historian Phyllis Tickle says that every 500 years the church holds a “rummage sale” in which it decides what to keep, what to leave behind, and what to make room for that is new. As we mark this 500-year anniversary, what have we learned from the church’s past and where might God be calling us to go in the future?


In this important new sermon series, Dr. Bob Kaylor will lead us on an expedition through the history of the church and its Reformation, how life and culture has changed since the days of Christendom, and look at some possible paths for the church’s future. In a time when our own United Methodist denomination is in upheaval and American culture is becoming more and more secular, it’s an important time to discern God’s path for people of faith. Pastor Bob will argue that a new Reformation is emerging and will bring with it both challenge and opportunity.


Of course, reformations go back more than 500 years. The Bible itself talks about periods of time when the people of God went “back to the future” by reforming around their covenant roots. The reforms of King Josiah provide an excellent model for the kind of reformation that can change the world, and we will use that story from 2 Kings as a biblical framework for the series.


Join us for this six-week series, beginning January 7th!

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