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Transitions: The Call To Trust

transition slideSunday, June 24th

Everyone goes through times of transition. Children grow up and leave home...or children come back home. We change jobs...we move...we retire. Sometimes we get sick...and sometimes people we love are taken from us. We seem to enjoy years of stability and well-being and then something happens and everything seems thrown into instability. What does our Lord have to say to us about transitions? 


You are invited to join Tony Vandenberge, a Deacon in the Anglican Church, and Stephen Martyn, Associate Professor of Spiritual Formation at Asbury Theological Seminary and UM Elder, for an interactive seminar on moving through transitions. You will learn about the dynamics of transition; how we are invited by the Holy Spirit to move from fear and excessive control to absolute dependence upon the Lord. 


You will learn about the identifiable steps we go through and how we can open ourselves to the many gifts the Lord has for us even as we move through the difficulties of major life-transitions. 

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