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New Sermon Series: Walls

walls draft 5“Something there is that doesn’t love a wall.”


“Good fences make good neighbors.”


Both of these quotes are from the same Robert Frost poem, “Mending Wall.” It’s a dialogue between two neighbors working together to mend a wall that borders their respective properties. It’s poem that reveals a great truth about humans: we tend to build walls and, at the same time, tend to want them to come down.


Walls are in the news every day, and historians have pointed out that humanity is now engaged in a second great age of wall-building (the first being around the time of the Bible). Walls are controversial; sometimes they keep things or people in and sometimes they keep things or people out. Historically, walls have been built at great expense in terms of resources and human sweat and blood; but many of those same walls eventually disappear with age and neglect because they are no longer needed.


And those are just the physical walls made out of brick or steel. What about the other kinds of walls humans tend to erect? Walls defined by race, by ideology, or by belief? Why do we put them up and how do we know the difference between those walls that are necessary and those that we should make every effort to tear down?


The Bible, written in a world full of walls, has a lot to say to us about the proper employment or destruction of all sorts of walls. As the writer of Ecclesiastes said, “There is a time to break down and a time to build up...a time to throw away stones and a time to gather stones together” (3:3, 5). Bible stories are often focused on breaking down walls (Jericho) or building them up (Nehemiah), especially the walls that divide people (Ephesians).


In this unique sermon series, Pastor Bob Kaylor will take us on a tour through history and through the Bible as we look at the nature of walls and how they both preserve and divide the relationship between humans and the relationship between those humans and God. Pastor Bob will be using stories and photos from a recent hike along Hadrian’s Wall in the UK (built by a second century Roman emperor) to get us thinking about the walls in our own lives.


Join us for this unique and informative sermon series!

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