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UMCOR Hurricane Relief
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Hurricane Harvey: How Can TLUMC Help?


With the historic flooding and destruction from Hurricane Harvey along the Gulf Coast, we want to respond as a church family to those who are in need. There are a number of ways we can be involved both now and in the future. Here are some suggestions:


1. Financial Giving: In the immediate aftermath of a natural disaster, the thing that is needed most is money so that those on the ground have quick access to what is needed when and where it is needed. The United Methodist Committee on Relief (UMCOR) is already on the ground in Texas and is working with local communities to meet the immediate needs of victims. UMCOR is a great resource and 100% of what you give goes directly to those who need it (UMCOR’s overhead is paid for by our denomination’s UMCOR Sunday offering each spring). To donate right now, go to the UMCOR U.S. Disaster Response page. We will also be taking a special offering for UMCOR this Sunday in worship.


2. Other Donations: Some will ask what material needs to be donated. UMCOR encourages people to put together flood bucket cleaning kits and hygiene kits that can be distributed on the ground. The UMCOR Depots have a large stock of these items that are being dispatched where needed right now, but there will soon be a need to restock their supplies for the next disaster. We will keep you posted on the need for that when we receive more information. We will also soon hear from our Conference about establishing a collection point for these items so that they can be shipped to the depots where needed. If you’d like to start collecting items for flood buckets and health kits, please feel free to do so, but hold on to them at home until we have a plan for shipping them. 


Other donations, such as clothes, food, water, etc. should NOT be brought to the church at this time. Often these donations clog up the system and are difficult to get distributed. Again, donating money right now is the best option.


3. Volunteering/Work Teams: With the disaster still active, we have been encouraged to not send volunteers and work teams. The recovery period from this disaster is likely to take months and even years. Our TLUMC Emergency Preparedness Group is monitoring the situation, along with our Rocky Mountain Conference Disaster Coordinator. When the time is right for volunteers and work teams, we will inform you about plans and opportunities for you to participate.


TLUMC is a generous and helpful church family. We will keep you informed about all the ways you can help in the coming days! 

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