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Resources For Reflection On Daniel 7 And “The Son Of Man”
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9a43ee07f7d33692fc4de5fa95b005f5dd scaled 600Sunday’s sermon on Daniel 7 was a lot of biblical theology compressed into a short amount of time. It’s hard to understate the importance of this text for the New Testament, however, and our understanding of Jesus and his mission. In this week’s blog post, I want to give you some additional resources to look over if you want to go deeper into understanding this critical section of what I have accidentally/intentionally referred to as “The Gospel of Daniel.”


New Testament scholar N.T. Wright has written extensively about Daniel’s influence on the ministry of Jesus and on the writers of the New Testament. In an article titled, “How Jesus Went from Political Nuisance to Apocalyptic King,” Wright gives a brief summary of the message of Daniel 7–“It means that Jesus is enthroned, and the forces of darkness will be put in their place.”


Speaking of Wright, The N.T. Wright Online web site offers a number of online courses including one on Daniel that I have found helpful in learning some of the context behind the book. These courses are very helpful for those doing biblical study on their own–kind of like mini-seminary classes.


Another New Testament scholar, Ben Witherington III, gives a great overview of apocalyptic literature in this short “Seven Minute Seminary” video. While he is focused on Revelation, the same principles for reading this genre apply.


For those who want to really get “into the weeds” on Daniel, Jason and I have been using Christopher J.H. Wright’s marvelous book, Hearing the Message of Daniel for reflection as we prepare sermons for this series. It’s a very accessible and readable overview of the entire book. We highly recommend it!


As we get into the second half of the Book of Daniel, we’re going to encounter a lot of strange visions. Keep in mind, however, that the basic thrust of the book is all about God’s victory over evil and his dominion over the empires of the earth. Whatever “beasts” you might be facing this week, it’s a great comfort to know that no matter how things look at present, God wins. Go and live that victory!


On another note, Jason and I will be attending the New Room Conference this week in Nashville. This is a tremendous, Spirit-filled conference for folks in the Wesleyan tradition. I have been to every one of these conferences since their inception and I look forward to it each year. Please pray for a time of fellowship, inspiration, and renewal!

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